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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  June 23, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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&pthursday, june 23rdd- a streaker makes 3 an ppearance on naaional news in australia. australia.reporter talking/streeainn &pnats/reporter 3&ptalking after after- reporter ignores 3 it- whattwould you
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3 do ?? 3 3 p3 3 maps fiber map
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tto houses exppode... senddng debris flling nto the streets & of east baltiiore. arr back on thh sceee.. starting to ccean happpned nnar the intersection street... around 6-30 last & pight. fortuuately... both -3 homes are vacant and no one pas hhrt when they came crumbliig doww..eighbors say it looked like it was snowing putside... because of all the debris flying iito the aii. -3 fire crews were on theescene right away... listen to what & they believe caused all his. 3 "i was ooking out and saw what looked like snow. i 3 hhmes blew up.
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fire crews on he sccne tell us... they believe ne old home ollappedd irstt.. nd then that's what caused he -3 explosion.thhy are still investigatiig. 3 ppnnsylvania police say jackass star ryan dunn was &pllgally drunk and drrving up po á140 miles an hourá when he crashed his caa early monnay morning. mornnng.when olice arrivee on the scene... thh car wassoff the road... ii the woods... and engulfed in llmes.booh dunn and his passenger died. 3 tessimony ccntinuesstoddy... in the casey anthony trial... following a bommbhell pources say george and cindy anthony do not beliive their daughter is innocent.but they don't ant ccsey to get the ddath penaaly. the florida poman is charged withhseven counns in her daughter's death... including 3 one of the f-b-i's most-wanted men is no onger on the loooe -3 ann will make his first ccurt appearance todaa.james "whitey" bulgerrand his longtime girlfriend...
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catheeine greeg ... weree bulger had been on the run since 19-95. aathoritiis 3 campaign for the tips that led them ttothe lleged boston organized crime boss. 3 toody is he 00th day of the n-f-l lockout... and most fans -3 pre starring toodoubt they'll get to see ann football this pyear. heee's the lltest on the complex neeotiations petween owners and players. players. tte mulli-billion & doolar industry ccn'ttget together.. they've been holding secret meetings in chicago over the league loccouu. and as alwayy... much owners get vrsus pllyees. 24 of tte 32 owners have tt support a new agreement to gee it ratified. &3 he ravenn ave mmde ii official... there will be no pre-season training camp at mcdaniel college in westminster this year.any pre-season traininggwill take & place at the raven's wings mills facility... and tat means ii wiil be off limits to pans.the ravens say they will
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pry to have at leastt ne - practice at m&t bann stadium for fans. 3 roger goddell sound soond 3&pn-f-l commissioner roger goodeel stresses ttat both sides are doing what they can 3 3 p when's the last timee &you leaned your dishwasher?a new study finds 62-percenttof &pdishwassers have áfungi.á áfungi.áresearchers say it's part... thh ajority of the ffngi founddis kind that can possibly lead o disease. moist, hot environments are a common breeding ground for
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&&pfungi. 3 tim mcgraa throws aarowdy fan - out of a concert in washhigton state. sttte..oncert nats nats 3 - youtube video
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3& - fan in front row- ejects him 3 should airlines have a dress cooe?yoo might say yes... after seeing hiss hoto. photo.check out thhs icture - phaa firrt appeaaee in theesan frannisco hronicce...of a cross dressing man ... leaving 3 he was a passsnger on a u-- aiiwaas flight froo fort lauderdale to phoenix... and & wassable to board the flight - dressed like this with no problems.. fellow ppssenger snnpped thh pic. -3's makinggheadlines becauss... well, it's headllnes beeause... well, &pit's a funny piccure... &pppcture...and because this
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3 happened just weekkbefore a university of new mexico football player was rrestee on annther u-s airways flight for refusiig tt pull up his pants.which is orss??? worse??? 3 3 one airline ,3 paasenger... gets a real reason... to get ... tickeddoff.. off..tte overwhhlminggstench of urinn
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3what oneeman found in his &pluggage after a flight. & flight. ou're 3 watching fox 455good day ba
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3 3 -3 33 --meteorologist emily gracey is live with the detaiis on this morniig's hometown hotspotvalley dressage ssocation presentss theeride for life in support of bbeast cancer research--we 3 pquestrian --raises money ffr the ohns opkins avoo ffundation breast center in baltimoreas 6 thousand isitors dressage show, dancing horse demonstration riies, kids acttvitiiss silent aauction auuccion
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3 the potomac valley ddeesage associationns ride for life is &paa the princc georges -3 equestrian center in upper &pmarlboro saturdaa and ssnday..- por more iiforration, loggon tt fox altimore ot om slash mooning. p3 speakiig of 3 hhrses...look at this poor &plittle guy... &p3 thhs is casper the horse... he's linn and wwlkeddinto -3 this ool accidentally!!-acccdentally!hh got stuck, and crews had to use pplleys to get him ut.don't orry.. he's doing tttally fine this orning and vees say hh was very calm the entire time. they''e got bieber fever. fever.waaker
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saas, "weelove him so much, 3how many ádaysá these girls have been waitinn to meettthe ssar in person. watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 2)) [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv,
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3 - fans have been waiting in &pline since yesterday.. to meet justin since esterday.. waittnn in line since yysterday.. to meet justin - perfume launch 3 - first 3355girls in line get -toomeetthim- extraasecurity
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3& anddn-y-p-ddwill be theee- nne fragrance: "someday".... 135- dollars each! &p
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3 &p -3 33
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3maps-fibee-providence-back to maps 3 no more guest stars?? ssarr??the otherrmajor chhnges coming to next seasoo oo glee... and the reasons behind hem. them.the overwhelming stench -33 of rine p3 ann next.. ittll make you
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& phink wice about checking a bag.what ne man found in his luggageeaater a flight. you're watching fox 5 good -3 day baatimore. &&p((bbeak 3))
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3 3 if you think losing your & luggage is bad, mmgine losiig 3 rrturned witt an unpllasant ssuprise insidee 3 jeanne mmoo hhs one mmn's travel nightmarr. niggtmmre. you may wish theeaiillnes were a hiz with uggage...but someone alleeedly take a whizz inside your luggage.the overwhhlming stencc of urine that's what british traveler & simon heigges says he was & greeted with wwen he opened the bag that ddeta air linns had lost 4 days earlier as hh
9:26 am's justt & was so angry he did a show nd smell on his hotel bed annd diiplaainn everything frrmmhii the smell coming off these is likk somebody with a serious & renal issue 3 hasspeed oo this. how are you certain thatts urine? from the smell alone. heighes, 3 confirm the smell...gottthe people on tte front desk to &give it the ose test.his youtube ideo resulted in sympaahy and disgust..."ew, you're touching it." though 3 employee did the deed, oohers suggested perhaps a omb dog lifted his leg nto tte upright position.whether iis a
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immateeial i think. yes still gross. yea. when delta saw the "thhnks deltt for using my lugggge as a toilet" video going viral and the twitter's delta pee bags...they contacted heighes whh had had no luck trying tt reach them. obbiously they're appalled nd they've apooogizee profuselyydella told ccn, "if" annyhing happened "ittis unacceptable and will be closely reviewed." he'll be reiibursed aaoutt p250 and buuped up to the front of the abin for hiss rettrn trip to london.heighes also found his toothpaate sqqirttddarouud his shaving kit and his fragranceewaa missing, dolce aad gabbann's &pptte one", not to be confused with doing number one. so the &pnext timeeyou check your luggagg, you might want to check afterwards... sniif, see iffit passes the sniff test.even iss
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sprrnnled.tat spent some imm in the shower yesterday -3 getting a good washiig off..ew regulation, nn urinating on the luggage. wwth bag this smelly, you could use an ii's like a york. 3 a kitty.. gets caughtt & caught.((barkinggcat)) what happened when he ggt dog!and.. they'reethe ultimatee trickssoff the ultimate ramp. just hoo high this megaa skateboarding ramp is. you're watching fox 45 good day baltiiore. 3 ((break 4))
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3 &pp3 3 3 is tom hanks looking foo a new job?during recent 3 appparannes on
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3 various news prrgrams... the ends up actuully "doinn the news" or... in the case of --3 this unnvision weather.he's out promoting his latest fiim "larry crowne"... due out next week. 3 stevv... what do you hink?can you dance like that in front of the green ssreen? 3& 3 3 3 ill start wwfibee camera-
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3 maps-liberry-provideecee-ack 3&p3two houses explode... sending -3& debris flyyng intoothe streees - of east baltimore.'rr taking a live aae back on hee cene.. - haapened nnar the interseetiio pf colliigtoo and madison -3 strret... around 6-30 laat night. fortunately... both 33 was hurt when thee came
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crumbling down.neighbors say - outssde... becaase of all the debris flying into the air. fire crews wereeon the scene right away... listenntoowhat they believe caused all this. "i was looking outtand snow. i went to the front and two homes blew up. & up. 3 fire crews on the scene tell us... ttey belieee one old hooe collapsed ffrst... and thennthat'sswhatt aused the explosion.thhy are still -investigating. pesearchers think they now kkow why the e-coli strain behind the deadly ouubreak ii gerrany... was so fierce. 3 hey ddscovered hhs strain contained two ifferenn &ppathoggns... one of which made it ssick to the lining of he inttetines. researccees say blended strrins ccn have periius complications for
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iifected peoole. 3 "so much for the friendly skies." southwesttis alleged obscenity-llaed hooophobii rant... frrm the ainsley eerhardd & explains... he airline s now applogiizig. &papologizing. 3 flling froo austin o san diego...a southweet airlines pilot unleassedda rant:with his cockpit mic open...he complained tt his co-pilot abbut flight attendants.pilot says: "ccicago crew, 11 outtof 12 never he same flight attendant twiie. 11 ááááááá over tth top ááááááá ááá ááááááá hhmosexuals. ann a pranny. 11!" iithought i was in chicago which was partylaad."controller sayss "ok whoever is transmitting you betterrwatcc what you say!" even after being interrupted byythose air traffic controllers...the agitated pilot said ii wassdifficult to &pfinddcc-workers he wnted to have ex wiih.pilot sayy::"now i'm back innhouston which is bases. i mean it's all ááááááá --3 old dudes and grannies nd mayye aahandfuu of cuue
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ccicks."buttthe ilot was interrrpted again y the air traffic controllers:ccntroller says: "someone's ot a stuck - mic nd uh telling us all &pdoo't need to hear that."the passengers ácouudn'tá hear him...but other planes using the control ffequency could.á &potherrpilot sayss "that was not us."otter pilot says: "and ppllo says: they wonder whyy airline piiots have a bad reputation.""he iinident -3 happened in march.thh pilot has been suuppnded by -3 southwest...and the airline released a video stateeent to - ffx news:magilllsayss whaa e 3 inconsistent with the &pprofessionnl behavior and oveeall respect we require from aal employees. //he haa -3 formally apologized to faa cootrollers ad hh knows what he did cannot happen again." (earhardt on cam tag)thh pilot still hasn'' been -pidentified...but was ssnt o "sensitivity traininng"he has & been with the aarline for more than aadozen years nd has an otherwisee"good record."in new & yyrkk- ainsley earhardt - foo news. someenew lower calorii ptions at yoor favorite restaurrnt..
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& a new government rule is expected o take effecc byy he end offtheeyear... reeuuring big restaurant chains to post calorie counts.and sevvral 3 change... including i-hop.... panera... and starbuckss 3 change is on thh 3&change is on he way for tte phht fox show "glee"...and fans may not like ii! pit!!tv line dot com the third sason will be more character drivvn.murphy also ....conssdering a lot of big sttrs appeered onnthh show.sue
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syyvester will alsoohave new target.. murphy says the old & storyline about hhr destroyyng glee club is becoming oldd he's taking 3&phe's taking skateboarddng to the extreme. - ultimaae ramp - 70 ffet highh he goee up to 35 mph 3 - constructeddit 3 righttin his own backyard.
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3 a cat who thinks 3 he's a dog. dog.((baaking cat)) cat)) 3 the cat ith the meowwthat 3 bark..,3 you're watcciig fox 45 good daa baltimore. 3 ((break 5)) p(toss tooweather))
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3 &p 3 (((d libbmeteorologist))
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3&p it's our mooideal - pf thh wee! every &pweek.. we''l brinn you a deall from mobideals... which proviies couponn directly to your cell phone! phone! ttii week's deal comes from breezy point seafood. et 10 dolllrs off a dozen crabss just go to my-mobideels- dot-com to get started.. or &pllok for mobideals onnyour smartphone. smartphone. parent ompany.. sinclair broadcass group. 3she's thrown them under the bus.. has casey anthooy & pee parents?the bombshell statemeet they made.. as we 3 nats nats 3ann... he's breaking it doww. we meet a brrak dancing goriila. you're watching foo 45 good day baatimooe.
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3 hhppeninggnow... livelook insidd courtroom... aftee a & bombshell statement in the -3 casey anthonyycase. her & parents ... do not believe
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their daughter is iinoceet.but peorge aad ciidy anthony don't want casey too et the death penalty. casey anthony is charged wiih sevee counts in her daughter's deeth, & testimony ontinues today innorllndo. -3 3 - two houses explode-eesst baltimore- liiv look- pollington and monument ssreets. 3 the 3 transportation security - adminnstration's ttppboos sayy changessare cominggto the 33 security pat-ddwws of two groups of flierr. but as derrol nail tells us....some pelcome this change, whill others thinn ecurity issworth it.. it. -3 3 t's mages like this, the t-ssa now wantssto
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avoii... vvdeooof athorough - girl at he nee orreans airpoottmos says,"i would be reelly uncomfortable wwth it. -3 and i now they would. o i hope they come up with a safer 3 the alternative was spelled john pistole t a hharing on - transporration safety. 3to reeuce pat-downs and other intrusive screening methods for children, and the elderly. hinn sayss "therees got to be -& some points and some measurre on cmon we are wasting so much money screening these -3 indivvduals. // you kkow we have to have discretion. that's the key. we need to educaae a better tsa on having discreeion."" parents bbnnfit the ost froo these pre already burdened withh making themselves, and theer kiis hhve their ddcuments in order. throw in a 3 overwhelming.22:18:02 "i know these two would be very uncomfortableeif a stranger came uppto them anndstarted pattinn them ddwn."" other parrnts sy the extraa -3 secuuity measuress no matter how unnecessarr.22224:32 "iim kinda ooen about it... safety -3 is safety."" but expect
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3 soon. a tsa spokesperson saay airrort securriy workers will now be tood to maae repeated attemptt to screee young children -3 withoot a pattown.nail says, & "but that on't ccmpleteey eliminate patdownnsat the -3 airport. he tsa says in cerrain extreme sittations, - 3 he's tte cat's meew... withhut an actual ámeowáá.. ((bbrking cca)) 3 barks like a dog! dogg((music nats)) nats)) and it's a gooilla that knows -33 how to move... we'll break it & doww next because iits all caught on camera. you're atching fox 455good day bbltimore. 3 ((break 7))
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paught oo camera this eee. & eek.we've ggt a ot of good ones for you today... 3 let's start with the fatter's day hugfest. 33 -- father and son in orrando. -spent ather'ssday hugggng in &pa boxing ring.--didn't eat for
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phee24 hour embrace.--took - bathroom breaks though in 3 case you're wondering. p3 -incrediile viiee of a barn peing ripped apart during -& severe storms n nebrrska 3 -at east two dozzn tornadoes 3 reported ueesay... n nebraska and kansas reported. p3 - speedway crash & prash
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3&p--a frightennng crashhat an -3& indiana racetrack left fourr pnjured.- theedriier walked & way unhuut, but fouu -3 voouuteers inntheepit area &pwere injured, one suuferedda &pbrokennpelvis.- looking at 3 3 this nexttcat's 3 bark... is bigger ttan it's bite....that'ssriiht... i said llsten.((cat barking)) &pbarking)) 3 -you tubeevideo
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3 a cat that barks.. hhw aboutt gorilla that can ddnce! dance! ((music nats)) 3 -- zla, the breakdancing 3&p--lives attthe calgary zoo. -3 -the zoo says he in water . 3 meterologist 3 meterologist stevv fertig is back with your forecaat after
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preak....and we reveal another monster jam fiialist. you're watchhng fox 45 ggod
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33 sing the nattonal anthemmin front of m&t bank's sing voted.. nd all this wwee we're unveiling our top ten finalists..oday's & from middle river.all our finalistss ill compete in a star-sppngled sing off at m & t bank stadium next tuesday.. juue 28th. 28th.ttee inner getssto ssng -3 the sttr theewinnnr gets to 3 ssng the star spanglld bbnner -3 when onsterrjam comes to m &
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